Florida Student Power is rooted in centering issue-based campaigns during electoral, legislative and membership cycles. We uplift and center the voices of the directly impacted youth who are organizing to push for the protection of marginalized communities. We organize around Climate, Education and Migrant Justice as they are the issues impacting young people at scale in Florida. We lead them through an intersectional lens and support our partners that are organizing around Racial Justice,  Reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights. 

As a statewide network of black, brown, and directly impacted youth we are grounded in our need to lead community protection in our communities through the “WE KEEP US SAFE” campaign. As Florida is impacted by different legislative actions, Florida Student Power membership will be leading statewide efforts in the three key areas below:

Climate Justice

Campaign: We are connecting community organizing and political organizing to build power for progressive change. Assessing the needs of our communities and advocating on a local and state level to make it happen. Our priority is to support a just-transition towards renewable energy through fossil fuel divestment and holding institutions/corporations accountable.  We do this through base building, coalition creation, political education, and advocacy with directly impacted, black and brown youth. 

We Keep Us Safe : Our program will lead efforts to prepare students and young people for future hurricanes and major disasters and respond rapidly to recovery needs from students. This campaign will primarily benefit Black, Brown, and low-income students that have or are projected to be impacted by a major hurricane, flooding, or power outages in vulnerable areas.

Migrant Justice

Campaign: Our purpose is to create a political home for all immigrant youth in the state of Florida; where immigrant youth are activated to fight for immigrant bills that create safety and wellbeing in our immigrant communities. We celebrate the diverse identities of immigrant communities in Florida through political education and campaigns that advance the protection of our immigrant communities. 

We Keep Us Safe : We are prioritizing the safety of our immigrant communities with Know Your Rights and Community Safety Planning workshops across the state to ensure immigrant youth and families are supported and equipped to navigate the implementation of Florida’s Anti-Immigrant Bill SB1718, particularly as it relates to contact with law enforcement, access to all levels of education and obtaining crucial health services. As institutions ramp up their attacks on our immigrant community, we are coming together to reclaim our collective power and to support each other in navigating these moments while upholding our rights, dignity and joy.

Education Justice

Campaign: We are building out a program that centers youth power around education justice. Our purpose is to have students organize on and off campus, engaging at different levels of government, and developing strong membership that can begin holding educational institutions accountable to uphold their commitments. We will engage with our institutions at the local and state level by organizing and mobilizing youth and working with parents and teachers to have a say in the decision making process. Our priority will be organizing black and brown youth to take back their power through the school board budget process at the local level and being a voice for youth at the state legislature. Despite the recent attacks on our education system, every Floridian has a right to having safe and accessible quality education that reflects our state’s diversity.

We Keep Us Safe : Through our organizing efforts we aim to build power among students in Florida so we can combat policies that are endangering students and depriving us of a functional public school system. Florida Student Power Network has been leading in the fight against harmful bills such as HB7 and HB999 in the past and will continue to step up to fight for an inclusive curriculum, safety for students in their schools and a chance for every student to succeed.

If you’re interested in leading a training or canvassing efforts through our community protection campaign, please contact us with our Membership form.